Traveling update

Hi all!

I’ve been quiet on the blog front because I’m traveling. This is a quick summary.

The first stop was Casablanca in Morocco. I met up with my friend Yen to embark on an 8 day tour of Morocco. The first day was pretty chill. We went for a walk and got lost in the souk. It is a huge culture shock! It’s a very male dominated society and even though we were pretty covered they still spotted right away that we were tourists. Yen kept getting hollered at “konichiwa” (she’s Chinese) and I kept getting “hola.”

the next day we headed out of Casablanca stopping at the 3rd largest mosque in the world. We did a tour and then headed up the coast and inland to Rabat. In Rabat we saw the kings map lace, more mosques, and the old city. Then we drove to fez. In Fez we went to the souk and got lost in the maze of stalls, selling everything from scarves, bags, and clothes, to fruit, spices, and meat. We went to the famous tannery and oh my gosh it smelled so bad. They even gave us mint to hold to our noses! We had a few other side trips in fez. After Fez we drove through the lower Atlas Mountains on the way to Erfoud. We stopped in a few country towns where I not only had the pleasure of using a squat toilet, but also got to see a chopped off camel head hanging on the side of the road.

In Erfoud we jumped in a jeep and headed out to the desert. We had tea with a nomad and the. We drove to the sand dunes in the Sahara where we got on camels and rode out to the sand dunes! I named my camel Alice. At the top of the sand dunes watched the sun set. It was amazing. After Erfoud we drove to Ourzazate which is called the Hollywood of Morocco. They filmed movies such as gladiator, prince of Persia, and game of thrones there. We headed to Marrakech h then which was a whirlwind of snake charmers monkey handlers and hagglers! I must say my haggling skills definitely improved- I got a shop owner down to a third of his original price for some sandals.

After Morocco we headed to Nice. Nice is a cute town and we time great time walking around. The next day we hit up Eze for the amazing views. Then we had a 1 hour hike down the hill to get to the bus to Monaco. In Monaco, we went to Monte Carlo and I won 40 cents on the slots… Woo!  We also made a quick stop into Montent but it was raining so we jumped back on the bus to nice. The next day we went to Cannes which was amazing. The city is a proper tourist town with beautiful beaches and loads of rich looking people. We also went to Grasses where we visited the fragonard perfume factory. At this point Yen had to leave me 😦

so I jumped on the plane to Rome alone. In Rome I met a cool chick named Anna at the hostel and have spent most of my time wandering around the city with her. I went on the coliseum and forum tour that my friends so graciously bought me. I also visited the vatican museums, basilica, and the scavi. I also stopped at the Trevi fountain, Spanish steps and loads of other places! Ive also been eating a lot of gelato…. I mean a lot. Yesterday I got some after lunch and after dinner. Anyway, tomorrow I’m heading to Israel. Love and miss all my friends and family and will see you soon!!!


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