Second Half of Traveling

I landed back in LA yesterday and have been enjoying my time in the sunshine and with my family. Once all my cooking utensils arrive from the UK, I’ll post some more baking recipes. Until then, here’s the rest of my trip:

Landed in Tel Aviv and was greeted by my relatives at the airport. Dumped my stuff at the house and went out for a few drinks. The next day I jumped on the bus to Jerusalem where I wandered around the old city. I saw the Western Wall, Al Aqsa, and the Church of the Holy Sephulchre. Met up with a friend and wandered around the markets in the new part of Jerusalem. Ate lots of hummos and falafel and jumped back on the bus to Tel Aviv where we went out for some more drinks. Next day went shopping at some of the outlets and then when into Tel Aviv to the Carmel Markets. Had a walk around the city and met up with another friend at his house for dinner. Spent the next day wandering around Nachalat Binyamin, and lounging at the beach. I met up with my aunt and uncle for dinner at the port. My last day in Israel was spent walking around Yaffo and getting a cat nap before going for a few drinks. Since I had such an early flight I ended up going straight to the airport from the bar. The security at Ben-Gurion airport is serious! They made me unpack my entire bag and swiped everything I had for explosive material residue. Of course they found nothing on me and I got on the flight safely.

Woke up on the plane and I was in Berlin! Got my luggage and waiting for my friends at the airport. It was awesome seeing them again even though we were all pretty tired from getting up so early for our flights. Managed to figure out the bus system and the U-bahn and got to the station were our apartment was. Since we couldn’t check in for another 6 hours, we had a little bit of food and dropped all our luggage at the lockers in Alexanderplatz station. Had a good walk around the city and ended up in a German Market in Alexanderplatz. We sat down in a hut and had a beer. I tried the banana beer and it was delicious! When my other friends showed up around 2pm, we went for a curry wurst and then picked up our stuff to head back to the apartment. Checked in and took a nap. We went for dinner at an amazing Vietnamese place and then went out to a few more bars.

Was woken up in the morning by my other friends at the door! All 8 of us had breakfast around the table and got ready for the tour we were going on. We were a bit late at the Brandenburg Gate but we managed to find the tour. He was really informative. We ended up seeing the Brandenburg Gate, Hitler’s bunker, the Berlin wall, Checkpoint charlie, Bebelplatz, and Berlin Cathedral. After the tour we all headed back to chill out and get ready to go out. We stopped for a quick bite to eat before going to the Berghein. We got into the Berghein and had an amazing time in there.

Next day went for a bit of a wander and some food. Came back and chilled out at the flat for a bit. Got a schnitzel for dinner and it was huge! It was the size of my head. Went to White Trash for drinks and saw a live band and totally rocked out all night on the dance floor. The following day was spent at the Maeurpark flea market. Anything you want you would find at the flea market. There were loads of bands playing in the park as well and there was even a karaoke section set up! In the evening we went for a walk around the city to see the festival of lights. It was light art projected onto famous buildings. It was absolutely amazing. We walked so much that we were absolutely exhausted by the time we sat down for dinner.

On the Monday I flew out to LA. Arriving into LAX I was greeted by my parents and a “welcome Home Amy” sign. It was emotional. I’ll be relaxing over the next week or so before having to find a job and re-build my life in LA!


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