First Week in LA

So I’ve been slowly adjusting to the idea that I’m here permanently! At the moment it still feels a bit like I’m on holiday. The sun has been shining and I’ve been helping mom do odd jobs around the house. Painted the balcony railing and cleaned the kitchen cupboards, which was like opening a time capsule there were so many expired things! Also been visiting Safta in the rehab home to make sure she’s eating right and doing the exercise needed after her surgery.

Starting to get used to the fact that everyone is so freaking friendly in LA! Especially in Venice beach! You just walk down the road and people say hello with a humongous smile. Yesterday I was walking down the boardwalk and some random told me that the energy around my lower back was gray and said there may be issues with my kidneys. I told him it was because of all the drinking. I don’t think he got the joke. Anyway he went on about my shakra and then politely told me to have a nice day. The other day I saw a dog carrying his owner’s lunch! Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Dog Carrying Lunch

Dog Carrying Lunch

Also the service is great. Smiley, nice people are always there to help you and even have a chat with you. Wow… the complete opposite from the UK.

My stuff still hasn’t arrived from the UK so my sister and I went shopping at Buffalo Exchange. Decided to take a note from my friend Sarah and go for more colorful, interesting pieces. Since anything goes in LA, I bought a few fun pieces and hope to get a few more later!

Once my stuff arrives I can finally get a phone number and start the job hunt. Kind of looking forward to it because not only will I start getting an income again, but it’ll be great to meet people. Also going to get back on the Yelp bandwagon and hopefully meet a few more people there!

Missing my friends in London loads, but not missing the weather at all. It’s good to be back in LA, just have to start growing my roots again.


One thought on “First Week in LA

  1. Not all the UK is a non smile non chat zone, you just had the london experience. ha ha. Northern england is where the chat and smiles are! x

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