Job Hunt

The time has come to start the job hunt! It’s so difficult though when the sun is shining and this is the view from the balcony:

Venice CanalsIt seems like there are quite a few opportunities out there, I just need to filter through what matches my skills and what would be interesting for me. Actually, some of the more interesting difficulties I have encountered is going back to US spelling! No more additional “u”s and swapping “z” where I used to use “s.” Using the month/day/year system is now weird for me. I know realize what a completely ridiculous system it is… but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make the entirety of the country see reason.

Besides the slow going job hunt I’ve been helping the ‘rents around the house. I painted the balcony fence and cleaned out the kitchen cupboards. With the help of a friend we also put up a chain link fence at one of the apartments.

This weekend we visited the Mosaic House in Venice. It’s pretty amazing! A house made out of bits of old broken, tiles, plates, cups, and other random bits. Here are a few pictures, but it doesn’t do it justice:

Mosaic House

I’m sitting in an old bathtub!

The front of the house

The front of the house

Dragged my mom to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins for Halloween. I haven’t been in ages and it was so much fun! I think mom was a little embarrassed by me running around the patch like a kid, but secretly enjoyed the pumpkin picking. Here’s picking the pumpkin and dad carving out his pumpkin (took a sneak attack pic):

Selecting a Pumpkin                         Pumpkin Carving





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