Halloween and Day of the Dead

Whew! I am exhausted!

On Thursday we set up the front of the yard to be a pirate ship to give out candy to the kids for Halloween. Dad and I dressed up like pirates and merrily ate and drank while handing out sweets. There were a lot of kids from the neighborhood that stopped by. Even their parents dressed up and came with their own bags for trick or treating!

Pirate Outfits - Halloween

Saturday I headed out to downtown LA to go to the HARD Day of the Dead festival. The weather was great and the music was amazing! Heard a few new DJs and met some cool people. I ended up going as a snow leopard and my brother went as an Iron Chef.

Snow Leopard and Sushi Chef

Sunday was even more dusty at the venue! I went as Rosie the Riveter and my legs were pretty tired from dancing all day before, but we still managed to dance the night away. Saw Calvin Harris (finally!), Eric Prydz (always plays amazing sets) and Deadmau5. Here’s a great group shot (including a random photobomber on the right!):

Group Shot

Pretty tired today, but still on the job hunt. Applied for a few jobs today and took the dog for a walk. Planning on making some challah on Friday so keep an eye out for the recipe!




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