On the Job Hunt

Not much of an update since the last one. Still on the job hunt and have a few interviews lined up for next week… fingers crossed!!!

Since the last post I went to Nerd Nite LA. It’s a really fun night where a couple people talk about a specific subject for about 10-15 minutes. There is beer, heckling, Q&A’s, and a lot of glasses. This week was an interesting talk on LA’s love of car culture, how anxiety is based on chemicals in our brains, and how to clear up polluted ground water.

Nerd Nite LA

In an attempt to make some extra money, I went to an extra’s casting company and signed up with them. Had to drive allllllllllllllllllllll the way to Hollywood to get head shots done and sign up. Nothing has come from it yet, but I did get to see this:

Chuck Norris

Was in the valley today and on the way there and back I realized that both the 405 and the 101 are 6 lane freeways! And there was still a bit of traffic on the way there:

405- 6 lane freeway


Yes, you’ll notice that it is overcast. It rained yesterday (gasp!) and the city looked gorgeous today. I could see the Hollywood sign all the way from my grandma’s house!

Anyway… next week is Thanksmakkah so there will be a few recipes over the next week or so!




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