Thannukah 2013

Happy Thannukah! For those not in the know, Hannukah is on the same day as Thanksgiving this year, meaning we have double to celebrate!

This year we had dinner at my grandmother’s house and had about 17 friends and relatives over. The usual food, turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, yams, and all the trimmings were there. I contributed a pumpkin cheesecake and sufganiot (jam donuts) for the Thannukah celebration. I’ll include the recipes on a separate post.

Before our Thannukah feast we resurrected a family tradition of going for a hike. We went to Tuna canyon for a nice easy hike. It was about a 45 minute drive from the house along the coast and up a winding road into the Santa Monica Mountains. On the way we saw a coyote! At Tuna Canyon the views were amazing and we found a cool labyrinth that we walked around to “clear the mind.”

Tuna Canyon Hike

Tuna Canyon Labrynth

On the way back we stopped at the Red Cross to donate blood. The first nurse botched my left arm so it’s bruised and sore, but I still managed to donate. With the hike and donation I was ready for Thannukah dinner! I ate loads of food and we had the traditional scrabble game, which as usual my brother won.

Thanksgiving turkey

It’s raining today, which is perfect to update the blog and recover from all the food I ate. It’s funny because in LA when it rains it’s exciting! It’s still pretty warm, it’s just that all the trees and plants are getting watered and all the smog in the air is getting washed away. I’m sure tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day!

Since I couldn’t fit all the pictures of the hike and feast here, there are a few more here (including the coyote picture):  Thannukah 2013


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