Christmastime on the Canals

This week we had a cold system come down from Canada and it was super cold! I didn’t think it ever got this cold in LA. It was a reminder that it is actually winter, which means that Christmas is coming! Last Saturday we went to the annual bridge lighting ceremony on Sherman canal. It was a fun event where all the locals came to turn the lights on to the bridges. Here are a few photos of the bridges and the palm trees all wrapped up in lights:

Christmas in the Venice canals

Christmas lights on palm trees

I couldn’t fit all the pictures, so I have put the rest of the bridges here:

Venice Canals at Christmas

Taking night shots was pretty hard, but hopefully I’ll get better over time.

The last week we also went to the Annenberg center for photography. They had a great exhibit on the last 150 years of National Geographic photography. There was a great film from the photographers point of view and what inspires them to take the amazing pictures that they do.

For Die Hard fans - Nakatomi plaza is on the right

For Die Hard fans – Nakatomi tower is on the right

Since I have some time on my hands I decided to try and take up the piano again. It’s been 10 years since I played and I have a lot of work to do to make up for lost time! However, the dog isn’t helping with my progress:

Jessie on the piano

Went to an ugly sweater cocktail party held by Yelp at a spa in Beverly Hills. WoooOOooOOoo. It was pretty cool. There were Magnolia cupcakes and I got a free massage. My sweater was dug out of the back of mom’s closet, we have no idea how it got there. Chunky, with huge black buttons on the front and horizontal rainbow stripes. So what happens when I get there? Everyone said they liked it! Either my fashion radar is way off the mark or everyone was taking the piss. Anyway…. it was a great night.

Sunday is the annual Christmas boat parade and I shall be starring in the Phantom of the Opera themed Standring family boat. It should be super fun and I will get loads of pictures!


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