Venice Canals Christmas Boat Parade

Merry Christmas!!!

It is officially Christmas here on the canals. Last night we had the Christmas boat parade and all of the bridges were lit up. Dad and I entered the parade with a Phantom of the Opera themed boat. Not very Christmassy, but we set up all the lights on it and it looked gorgeous! Here is a setting up pic:

Setting up the boatFor my costume we pulled out my mom’s wedding dress. Ah! Was scary to put on but the dress was perfect for the role of Christine:

Christine - PotOThe parade started around 4:45 as the sun was setting. We did most of the parade in the dark when everyone could see the lights on the boats. The canals were absolutely packed with people! There were parties in every other house. I felt like a celebrity! People were waving and taking pictures and cheering as we floated down each canal. Along with the lights, I was throwing dry ice into the canals beside the boat so it looked like mist and steam were coming out from around the boat. It was awesome.

Phantom of the Opera boat

The boat looked better after dark, but the pictures don’t do it justice:

Phantom of the Opera boat

Here are a few of the other boats that joined the parade

Christmastime in the Canals


We got 3rd place!!!!

Voice of the Canals Official Site

Hope everyone is having a great December so far!


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