I got a job!!! (my assistant is now available for hire)

Yay!!!! I got a job!

I got a new job!After two months of searching on job sites and interviewing I got offers from two different companies. One of the companies was the one I wanted so it was a big YES from me! I’ll be working as a project manager at a telecoms company in Santa Monica.

It’s good that I’ll be working again, because besides helping around the house, I’ve been shopping! Being back in the office will keep me out of the stores and stop me from spending extra money. Although I did do one last splurge on a New Years dress   🙂

Since I am no longer looking for a job, I have had to close the job hunting office and fire my assistant.

AssistantHe is very good at looking cute:

Best assistant everand sleeping on the job:

Terrier with tongue out

Due to the lack of opposable thumbs and spoken/written English, he does not:

  • Answer phones
  • Make tea/coffee water
  • Schedule appointment
  • or anything else office related

However he is a good motivator and will make sure you get out of the office for walkies in the afternoon.

If you are interested, please let me know and I will forward your details to him!


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