Land Surfing

Initially I started this blog to keep all my friends in the UK updated with what’s going on. I realized yesterday that I’ve only been posting food stuff, so here is my update for the past 2 months!!!

As a native Californian, I grew up with the possibility that the ground beneath me could move at any moment. Despite my absence over the last 10 years, I still have the natural ability to cope when it does, which is quite convenient as we have had 2 significant earthquakes over the last 2 months. You go into alert mode during the earthquake, but once it’s done and you realize that everyone is ok, you go back to what you were doing. Except my mom… she’s a Jewish mom and starts screaming and yelling to make sure everyone is ok and then takes a couple hours to compose herself… stressful for her, but her hysterics are great entertainment for my siblings and I.

In February, I went snowboarding at Mountain High. The snow wasn’t too bad but it got pretty slushy at the end. I’m very impressed at how quickly I picked it up again.

Snow Boarding on Mountain High


At the beginning of the month I went to visit my siblings up north. I had a great day in San Francisco with Talia. First stop was Hot Cookie in the Castro district:

Hot Cookie in Castro

Then we went to Alamo Square, where the opening scene from Full House was filmed:

Alamo Square - Full House

Then I hopped on a train down to Santa Cruz to see my brother. We went to the Mystery Spot, which is this place where the laws of gravity and physics are all upside down and sideways! It was pretty crazy, but all the wonky levels made me a bit nauseous as I was also hung over.

Here’s Oliver demonstrating one of the rooms in the Mystery Spot (the camera was not tilted… it’s the room):

Mystery Spot                                         Mystery Spot


When I got back to LA, I took my parents to see the Book of Mormom at the Pantages theater. It was sooooooo funny! Extremely offensive, yet beautifully sung, I enjoyed every moment.

Book of Mormon at the Pantages


My moms birthday was this week and we went to Casa Sanchez for dinner. It was a great evening because the food was delicious and the whole family was back in town. We got a great pic of the siblings:



…and then the bill came:


Mom thoroughly enjoyed the evening (and I’m sure the margaritas helped!!)

Looking forward, I’ve got Coachella coming up!!!! So excited!!! Friends from the UK and from NYC are flying in and I’m soooooooooooooo excited to see everyone! It’s going to be an amazing weekend (and I’m going to get a great tan 😉

Hopefully everyone is doing well…  here’s the Coachella Snail to see you all off!

Coachella Snail on Venice Canals


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