Philly, Roadtripping & Thanksgiving

The last few weeks have been crazy!!! I was in Philly for a week for work to help rack servers for our new POP . I had a great time running around the city with my co-workers discovering different food places and fun bars. I even went to see the Eagles vs Panthers game! Never been to an American football game before, but it was so much fun checking out the tailgating and then seeing the game.

Eagles vs. Panthers

Eagles vs. Panthers

We decided that cheesesteaks in Philly are overrated, and McGillin’s Ale House has amazing wings. Stopped in to see the Liberty Bell, and of course the Rocky stairs.

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

Rocky Statue

Rocky Statue

Then back to LA for a few days for my friend’s from London (the Guys) to come visit for a road trip!!!! The first day we drove to Oatman, AZ, where we introduced ourselves to the locals.

Oatman, AZ

After Oatman we drove through some beautiful landscape on the way to Flagstaff, AZ. In Flagstaff we found ourselves a bar with line dancing. We picked up some nifty dance moves on the floor and the Guys had their first motel experience… very exciting.

After Flagstaff we drove out to the Petrified Forest. The Petrified forest is a place in the middle of the desert that used to be a forest. All the trees have turned into rock and the different minerals that formed created loads of colors on the trees/rocks.

Petrified Forest

We also drove through the painted desert and then meandered our way to Sedona. After stuffing ourselves with buffalo steaks, we fell asleep… waking up to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

SedonaAfter Sedona we drove to the Grand Canyon. It’s amazing… there are no words to describe how vast and beautiful the place is! Just go see it yourself.

Grand Canyon

After the Grand Canyon we drove to the Hoover Dam. It was dark when we got there and the visitor center was closed. However, we did find a parking lot, leave the car, and then wander around the Dam all by ourselves. It’s an amazing engineering feat – Chris and I gave our engineering approval. After about 30 mins, one of the security guards told us off and we had to go back to the car.

After Hoover Dam we headed straight to… VEGAS!!! Heading into Vegas with two Vegas Virgins was fabulous… I think their faces say it all:

Vegas... no words

We stayed at the Venetian and the first night we had a wander around the strip, saw the Bellagio fountains, walked through a few hotels and gambled a bit. The next day we headed straight to the gun range! Handled a few handguns, shotguns, and I got to shoot a semi automatic… oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


After working up an appetite at the gun range, we stuffed ourselves silly at the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace, then rested up for our night out. Busted some moves at XS and woke up late the following morning. Hit the hot tub then wandered around the strip for some more gambling. Got all dressed up again and hauled ourselves to 1OAK for some more booty shaking.

Finally got ourselves out of Vegas and drove back to LA. We had to do an In n Out stop for the Guys to have a SoCal staple.

IN n Out

Back at home in LA, I dragged the guys into helping me make the pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving. They were very helpful.

Helping out in the kitchen

The next day was Thanksgiving!!! We all headed out on the traditional Standring Thanksgiving day hike. This tradition started when we all decided we should get out of mom’s way so she can make loads of delicious food. This year we hiked/walked along Paradise Cove. It was a gorgeous day for a beach walk.

Thanksgiving Hike

After burning loads of calories, we stuffed ourselves silly at the Thanksgiving feast. We had 22 people around the table so it was a huge event and the food was fantastic.

Turkey Day

On Friday we walked along the Venice boardwalk and up to Santa Monica pier to walk off some of the turkey. In the evening we hit up Best Buy for some Black Friday deals and all the guys were super pleased with their purchases.

Black Friday

The rest of the trip was a quick tour of LA. We did Olvera Street and Chinatown and then hit up the Avalon club in Hollywood to see the Hot Chip and 2 Bears DJ sets. It was amazing.

I’ve tried to cover everything that’s happened over the last month. I’ve had so many amazing experiences with amazing people and I can’t believe the year is coming to an end!!! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!!!!



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