I’ve been living in the house for the last month and putting it together piece by piece. Most of the house is done, but I’m missing a few pieces of furniture and the rec room still needs to be finished. I was unable to work on the house this past week because I went to Seattle for work.

Seattle is an amazing city! When we weren’t working our butts off in the data center, we had time to wander around the city taking in the sites, sounds, and food.

One of the best welcome’s I’ve had to a city, after checking in I was greeted by none other than Chuck Norris in my room!

Chuck Norris

Pike’s Market was amazing. Fresh fish, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and anything else you could imagine are sold at the market.

Pike's Market

We ended up at piroshky piroshky multiple times for their amazing smoked salmon pate and of course had to stop for a picture in front of the original Starbucks

Delicious food

Original Starbucks


I also indulged at the famous Beecher’s Cheese and the Pike Place Chowder Co. I have been writing overtime on my Yelp account in order to keep up with all the places we ate at. I think I’ve only gotten through about half the places! One of the more interesting items I tried was the Pancakes and bacon cupcake at Yellow leaf cupcake co:

Pancacke and bacon cupcake - yellow leaf cupcake

Seattle is a very walkable city and I was able to hit most of the main sites. The Space Needle is viewable from most parts of Seattle.

Seattle Space Needle

I stopped into the EMP museum, which was a lot of fun. They had a Star Wars costume exhibit on, which I had to stop into. They also had amazing exhibits on music, horror films. Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix in London, Sci Fi, and Fantasy.





Highly recommended was the Chihuly museum and garden. I’ve enjoyed a number of his previous exhibits and was not disappointed by this one. His glass works are an amazing mix of bright colors and fun shapes. They even had a glass making demonstration, where over 45 minutes they shaped a vase out of a blob of glass. It was pretty impressive and I have new respect for glassblowers.




Seattle is a fantastic city and the people were super friendly. I did notice a number of drug addicts wandering around the street, but they tended to keep to themselves/talk to themselves. The weather held out for us, only raining one day during the week. Overall I had a great time and highly recommend a visit to Seattle.



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