Dixie Road Trip 2015

I’ve neglected this for so long! Since last May I’ve done a little bit of baking, but it’s just been too hot to be in the kitchen over a stove. I did make my father’s birthday cakes, and cream puffs – both which turned out successfully!

Dad's cake 2        Dad's cake 1

In term of life events I’ve had a few exciting things happening:

  • Great birthday week
  • 4th of July at Lake Tahoe
  • Bought a new car
  • Bought a new bike
  • Saw Manchester United vs Barcelona in Santa Clara
  • Hard Summer music fest
  • DirtyBird Campout
  • Venice CicLaVia
  • Downtown CicLaVia

The most exciting event was my Dixie Roadtrip! Just got back on Monday and still getting over what an awesome time it was and how nice the people in the South are. Here’s a little snippet of the trip:

Atlanta, GA

Flew in late Thursday night with my brother to meet up with 2 UK friends our AirBnB. Did an amazing cycle along the BeltLine, through Piedmont Park, midtown, and the Olympic park the next day.

Cycling in Atlanta

That evening we had our first fried chicken and waffles of the trip. It wasn’t a great one, but we drowned our disappointment with a few beers before heading to the Chamber of Horrors haunted house. Had a blast running through the maze screaming before heading to the Clermont Lounge – an Atlanta Institution! Described to us as “A place where strippers go to retire” it ended up being pretty popping, with an almost club like atmosphere.

Haunted House

The following day we picked up our rental car (which was dubbed Unicorn Sparkle Pants) and watched a bit of the RedBull Soapbox race before heading off to Nashville.Redbull soapbox derby

Nashville, TN

Ended up finding a hotel in West Nashville because everything else was booked due to all the sporting events that were happening. Headed to Broadway in downtown Nashville and were dazzled by all the lights and neon signs on the street. Walked up and down the street for a bit before heading to Monell’s to gorge ourselves on family style Southern cooking. Biscuits, fried chicken, fried catfish, and banana pudding… we had to roll ourselves out of there and back to Broadway for some live country and honky tonk music. Stopped into various places during the evening, including Robert’s Western World and Tootsies.



The next day it rained most of the day because of Hurricane Patricia. We managed to get ourselves out of bed for a bit of breakfast before scoring some free tickets to the end of the Titan’s game. Spent the rest of Sunday watching football then hit Broadway one last time for music before heading to Memphis.

Memphis, TN

On the way to Memphis we stopped at the Loveless cafe, which has THE best biscuits I have ever had.


On the way we stopped at the Nike outlet for shopping and picked up some ponchos from the dollar store since it rained the entire way. Still raining, we dumped out stuff at the hotel and went for a wander to Beal street. Like a mini Nashville, it was full of bright lights and neon signs. The rain and it being a Monday night, it was pretty dead, but we stopped into the Coyote Ugly bar and had a good chat with the bartender who gave us suggestions for our next stop on the road trip. Ate delicious, delicious BBQ at central BBQ, before parking ourselves into a blues bar for some good music.



The next morning at breakfast we decided to take the bartender’s advice and head west to Little Rock. It would take us out of the path of Patricia as we’d already had enough of the rain. On the way we stopped at Graceland and it was amazing to see Elvis’s place and all the awards he won.


Little Rock, AR

The rain stopped as we pulled into Little Rock so we had a nice wander down President Clinton Blvd.


Did some bar hopping and ended up at a cool bar where we got 4th place in the Halloween trivia night!


The next morning we had the cheese dip that is famous in Arkansas (which tastes just like queso) and drove out to Pinnacle Mountain for Chris’s birthday hike. It was drizzling when we got there, but we persevered and made it to the top for beautiful views of the Maumeve and Arkansas rivers and the entire valley below us.


During the hike, Chris split his pants so we stopped at the outlet mall where the lady at the Levi’s store sang a gorgeous rendition of Happy Birthday to him. The ride to Natchez, MS was rather long so we stopped into Vicksburg, MS for a delicious birthday dinner and some key lime pie.

Natchez, MS

Arrived quite late so we passed out in the hotel. Next morning we walked through the historical center of town and went on a tour of Stanton Hall – an antebellum house. The house was very grand and we got a great history of the house and the city itself.


Upon recommendation from the lady in the shop, we walked back to the Mississippi River and stopped into the Saloon. It was a great little bar with the old folk sitting outside on the porch in rocking chairs with beers and chatting about the old times. Apparently Davy Crockett used to stop in this saloon when he was traveling down the river.


Back into the car on the way to New Orleans!

New Orleans, LA

Dropped the car off and headed straight to Bourbon St for the Ghost tour! The ghost tour wasn’t as exciting as expected, so we bailed halfway through and had a wander around the French Quarter by ourselves. The following day we headed to Voodoo Fest! Had an amazing day watching Jauz, Florence and the Machine, Metric, Alesso, Girl Talk, and Jack U.IMG_4886

After a hard day of dancing, we headed to Cafe du Monde for beignets and then to bed.


On Halloween day it rained all day. During the afternoon we wandered around the French Quarter and joined a walking brass band!


Got into our costumes at the apt before heading into the festival. Spent an awesome few hours dancing in the rain and the mud to Giorgio Morodor, Duke Dumont, and Steve Angello. Headed back to Bourbon St for more Halloween dancing and shenanigans.


The next day we were all a bit worse for wear so ended up eating delicious cajun food and watching the Saints football game. Due to severe flooding Voodoo fest was canceled, so we scrambled and got tickets to Eric Prydz at the Metropolitan club. Spent most of the day chilling at the apartment before heading to the club for the last night of dancing and fun!


The next morning was a sad goodbye to everyone and the last day of the trip.

The trip was amazing! We met so many lovely people, ate so much good food, and had such a fabulous time. I can’t wait for the next trip!


(If interested, here are reviews of the places we ate at along the trip: Dixie Road Trip 2015)


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