New Year – New Construction!

It’s been a while since my last update because I’ve slowly been working on different aspects of the house.

It’s been slow going because of all the exciting things I’ve been doing! From New York City for New Years, to free LA Museum day, and Lucha va Voom, I’ve been keeping busy in the New Year.

Lucha va Voom= Mexican masked wrestling and burlesque.

Lucha va Voom= Mexican masked wrestling and burlesque.

New York!

New York!

The original Batmobile at the Peterson Automotive museum.

The original Batmobile at the Peterson Automotive museum.

The biggest improvement to the house has been the front entryway. It was a horrible mess of big trees, pebbles, and wooden fences hiding the trash cans.

To start of this huge project, I spent 2 weekends going through all the gray rocks and putting them into bags to remove from the house.


Then I removed the green fence hiding all the trash cans. The trash cans were moved to the side of the house, out of sight.


Here you can see the fence is removed and a blue security gate is now in place. The fence took a weekend to install. Digging the holes for the posts was quite a workout!


The biggest part of the project was removing all the trees. My brother did an AMAZING job taking down all the trees. It took me 2 weekends to cut up all the branches, and nearly 3 weeks of squirreling all the branches in my neighbors trash cans to finally get it cleared.


In order the turn that front area into a second parking spot we had to widen the gate. Then, I called the professionals in to do all the pavers.


Now the front looks amazing, and more importantly I have a secondary parking spot!!!


There is still much to be done to the front to make the house more inviting. I am planning on painting the house, widening the driveway approach, and getting some pretty planters in place. However, at the moment I’m extremely pleased with all the hard work that was put into making the front of the house look fabulous.